about me

I was crowned the Name Simone (Sim-Moan). I've been out the vagina for 21 years. Straight from Brooklyn.Proud Sister of Kappa Omega Iota..Gemini.Animals. Glitter. Shoes. Sneakers.Clothes. Sunsets and Hoes lmao. I create something out of nothing & I love turning words into pictures. Get lost in my mind, and follow what makes my heart beat. VERY Entertaining and Friendly.

trying to steal my cookies from my cookie jar xD
Anonymous: TBH, most popular females on tumblr that get notes on their selfies and text posts have shitty blogs. They just post nudes and show off their best features. With that being said, posting nudes would be the best option if you wanna get hundreds or even thousands of followers in no time. Thats just the honest truth. But hey, I'm not gonna tell you what to post on your blog, its your tumblr. Im just an anon giving advise 

Well damnn Mr. Anon educator thank you !

Easter Sunday Part 2 With Family ❤️
Happy Easter Everyone 💛
Easter Sunday with my family ❤️
Anonymous: To be honest, just post nudes and you'll be set. 

Lmaoooooo oh really 😩😂 nudes Aren’t my life !

I’m literally freezing, lonely, & tired worst combo ever !!!!